SEO Copywriting That Doesn’t Suck 🤯

And let’s face it, most “SEO copywriting” really is trash.


Because when you spend $0.05-$0.10 cents per word (or less), you get what you pay for.

Because a brilliant copywriter needs to: research your industry, your target customer, your competitors, match your tone, write in an engaging way, understand SEO, and be not only an excellent writer, but an excellent editor as well.


Basically, a top tier copywriter is a rainbow unicorn…and as we all know, if it’s rare, and desirable, then it’s VALUABLE.

Rainbow Unicorn

People seem to think it’s their website that people are interacting with, their website that draws people in and compels them to buy…but it’s not.

At least not exactly.

OK, so maybe it’s the brand?

Sort of, but not quite.

It’s the EMOTIONS your brand/website make people feel and the VALUE you deliver that keeps them coming back.

But it all starts with the message you convey, which comes from the COPY on your website, your advertisements, and your social profiles.

It’s the COPY that ranks, the COPY that compels and converts.

Shitty copy = shitty (or no) customers. Or angry customers. Or disappointed customers.


Because logic doesn’t sell.

Emotion sells. And words convey emotion.

Weak words convey boredom, apathy, or even desperation.

Pushy words convey distrust, anger, or frustration.

But the right words?

Desire. Urgency. Curiosity. Trust.

Of course, copy comes in a variety of forms.

Copy to teach. Copy to sell. Copy to excite. Copy to make people 🤣, or 😁, or 😍.

Copy to build trust or excitement.

Copy that does all of the above.

And that’s where I come in.

I write copy for your website that RANKSCONVERTS, and RETAINS.

So who the hell am I, and why should you have me write your content?

I’m a 20+ year online marketing industry veteran.

I’ve written copy for hundreds of companies, from mom and pop shops and startups to Fortune 100 companies.

I’m the Copy Wizard behind the curtain, and the chances are very, very good that you’ve read something I’ve written without even knowing it.

In addition to copy for clients, I’ve written a bestselling book.

I’ve written for Inc. and Entrepreneur.

And I’ve written, a lot, for myself:

Maybe, just maybe, if you’re SUPER lucky, soon I’ll do a bit of writing for you 😉.

If you’re looking for cheap ass copy, alas…go away, the wizard will not see you now, sorry not sorry.

You Shall Not Pass

If you want the best copy, period, then Speak Friend and Enter 😁 (yes, I’m a total nerd)

Now, down to brass tacks.

For a simple blog post in a domain I’m familiar with, I charge $0.25 per word. This includes:

  • Project brief & contract via email
  • Brief keyword research
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Maximum of 1,000 words per blog post

For more complex projects, I charge a flat rate of $0.50 per word, and this includes:

  • Discovery call for the project (Optional; we can keep it to email only if you prefer)
  • Project brief & contract
  • Detailed topic and keyword research
  • Outlining
  • Writing
  • Images/Screenshots (Optional)
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • On-page SEO recommendations (URL, Title tag, Meta Description, H1, Image names/ALTs)

This also includes one round of revisions, and recommendations on how best to promote your shiny new content.

So what does this work out to?

A simple 1,000 word blog post would run $250.

An 8,000 word pillar content beast like this one would be $4,000.

I have a project minimum of 500 words, and no maximum. I can turn around a 500-1,000 word blog post in a day. An 8,000 word beast would take 2 weeks. I’ll quote an exact start date and delivery date for each project.

For any copywriting project under $10,000, I require payment upfront. Over $10,000, it’s 50% upfront and 50% due on delivery.

I always deliver, on-time, and have never had a complaint or a request for a refund. Happy to provide referrals on request.

If you’re looking for THE BEST, let’s chat!

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