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Watch the video below and we'll walk you through the biggest issues we found as we did a quick micro-audit of

So how else can I help you? There are a few options...

1. This micro-audit caught a few things, but there are probably more. I recommend starting with an in-depth SEO Audit of the site, to find and prioritize all existing SEO issues by order of expected impact. You can see details of what an audit includes, pricing, and a sample audit, HERE.

2. Post-audit consulting to make sure your team effectively fixes any issues discovered during the audit, and to provide ongoing SEO knowledge support. I'll work with you as an extension of your team, hand-in-hand, to make sure everything gets sorted out.

3. Thorough SEO Training for anyone on your team whose work can impact SEO. Not only can this help to secure more organic traffic, but it can help prevent losing traffic to unintentional mistakes that harm SEO. Everyone who does an audit with me right now gets 2 free seat licenses to SEO Simplified, my premier course.

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Don't worry, you're in great company! A few of my happy clients include:

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