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Sam McRobertsHi, I’m Sam McRoberts, and I’ve been working in the digital marketing space for over 20 years. I’ve personally helped over 400 clients to successfully achieve their revenue, traffic and conversion goals.

If you’re looking for a high-impact SEO consultant to help you and your team improve organic traffic to your website, then look no further.

I’ve worked with some of the largest brands in the world, and have driven hundreds of millions of dollars in measurable revenue to my clients directly from the work I’ve performed. Everything I recommend is white hat, and I am 100% transparent every step of the way, guaranteed.

Some of the SEO Clients I’ve Worked With:

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You may have heard me on the Smart Passive Income or Entrepreneur on Fire podcasts. Or maybe on the radio with Dr. Drew. Or perhaps you read some of my work on Moz, Quicksprout, Inc., Entrepreneur, or Forbes. You might have heard me speak at a conference, or saw me quoted in one of the SEO industry roundups I’ve participated in.

Perhaps one of my current or former clients referred you to me, since the vast majority of my work comes via referrals from extremely happy clients.

However you found me, I’m glad you’re here 🙂

How Can I Help You?

Here are a few possible scenarios:

  • You need on-demand access to an SEO expert for current or future projects, or to answer SEO questions or help solve SEO problems as they arise (preferably to help prevent them from arising in the first place!)
  • You’re building a new website, or redesigning an old one, and you want to make sure it’s SEO friendly and that the launch goes off without a hitch. I’ve seen sites lose 80% of their organic traffic from launching a new website where SEO considerations were not properly handled.
  • You’re an agency, and you need to have an SEO expert on-call to help solve client issues or to scope SEO projects.
  • Your website is losing rankings and/or traffic, and you aren’t sure why or how to fix it. Is it a penalty? Did someone break something?
  • You’re looking to hire an in-house SEO, and you need help vetting potential candidates.

Common Consulting Tasks I’m Asked For:

  • Technical SEO consulting, to help identify issues that might prevent web crawlers from effectively reaching and/or indexing your content, and to verify that SEO best practices are in place
  • On-page SEO recommendations for certain pages or page-type templates
  • Content strategy, including what types of content to create, ideal lengths, structure, etc.
  • SEO strategy consulting (Do these steps to achieve X goal(s) in Y time-frame with Z resources)
  • Site load speed analysis and recommendations (if you have an e-commerce site, this service alone could provide millions in additional revenue)
  • Training an individual or team on any of the above, or other SEO related topics

This is pure consulting in the traditional sense, and does not include fulfillment/implementation or project work with set deliverables. I don’t manage your team or your projects. You’re gaining rapid response, on-demand access to my expertise in the SEO arena.

What you don’t get

1. An ass in a seat. Sorry not sorry, but that’s not how I roll. If you need someone on-premise, I can’t help you.

2. A “Yes Man”. My job as a consultant is to help you make your business better, not to stroke your ego. If you suggest something that won’t work, I’ll say so. I won’t agree just to be agreeable, and if something is wrong, I’ll be the first one to tell you (with recommendations on how to fix it, of course). If someone says something incorrect or tries to sidestep a problem, I’ll call them on it. I won’t be mean about it, but I won’t be unclear either.

3. A project manager or executive assistant. Think of me as the wizard behind the curtain, but a legit wizard, not a runaway carny scam artist. You ask questions that fall within my domain, and I provide answers and sources/data to back up those answers. I don’t manage your projects or employees.

Client Testimonials

Sam is one of the best internet marketers out there…he is well worth his fee.Neil Patel, CEO of Quicksprout
When it comes to SEO, there’s literally nobody I’ve ever met who knows their stuff better than Sam. Considering I’ve been in the industry for 10+ years as an agency owner, that’s saying a lot.There’s nobody I trust more than Sam for anything SEO-related. His attention to detail is unparalleled, and the work he delivers is practically gold. I highly recommend Sam, obviously.Jayson DeMers, CEO of AudienceBloom
Sam was recommended to me by Neil Patel (one of the best online marketers out there) to help with fixing some SEO issues I had related to the creation of my forum. I was down 30% in Google traffic. After doing an audit, Sam identified all the problems with my site, and we got that 30% back and then some. Now I go to Sam for all my SEO needs. I do an audit every year so that I can make sure everything is perfect as we grow and change our website.Matt Kepnes,


  • Ongoing Consulting Retainer: $5,000/mo minimum (could be more, depending on agreed upon scope) – Each engagement is custom, so we can work out exactly what you want to be included and cover it in the contract.

All consulting work is performed remotely. I don’t do on-site work. Consulting retainer fee is to be paid in advance at the start of each billing month.

Common Questions

Do you offer hourly consulting? 

Outside of our Fractional Director of SEO service, absolutely not.  Hourly consulting is a deeply flawed arrangement that encourages a service provider to work slowly and bill you for more hours than are necessary. This is not the kind of relationship I want with my clients, which is why I charge based on the value I provide to my clients and not on the number of hours worked. I do offer paid hourly strategy calls (I can send you a link to book), but no ongoing hourly consulting, only retainer or project-based.

Do you work on-site?

Never. The nature of SEO and the current state of technology is such that being physically present is both unnecessary and highly inefficient. I communicate primarily via email and Zoom.

Who has access to you during a consulting engagement?

You need to designate one main point of contact that can reach out with questions over email, and who can schedule calls during our engagement. Other people can join our calls, of course, but I will interface only with one main POC who will handle the project management and wrangle your internal resources. I don’t want too many cooks in the kitchen 🙂

Do you work on a specific time zone? How quickly do you respond?

I’m available for calls and respond to messages during US EST hours. I respond to emails within 1 business day. Calls must be scheduled, which you can easily do via my Calendly page (link provided to clients).

Will you work with just anyone?

No. I’m extremely selective about which companies I work with. There are certain restricted industries I won’t generally won’t do consulting for, and I typically only work with clients if I believe in the company and/or product (very often I’m a customer myself). A big part of SEO, and marketing in general, is understanding the mind of the customer…so being an actual customer helps a lot 🙂

When can we start?

Why not now? Reach out with the form below and we can schedule a Zoom call. I only have bandwidth right now for 2 additional clients.

I’m also willing to do custom scoped, one-off projects like site migrations or traffic recovery projects.

If that sounds like a good fit, let’s talk!

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