SEO Recruiting – Candidate Screening Service

SEO Recruiting and Candidate Screening

Let’s face it, if you’re not an SEO expert, it makes it REALLY hard to hire someone for an SEO role.

How do you screen someone when you don’t know what to look for?

Just as you’d want a skilled programmer to interview and screen any potential software engineering hires, you’d want a known SEO expert to screen any potential SEO hires.

A bad SEO can do at least as much harm to a site as a bad programmer…potentially much, much more.

We’ve seen multi-million dollar damages come from rookie SEO mistakes. Not good, not good at all 🙁

Burn Money

If you’re hiring for an SEO role, and you don’t have someone internally who can effectively vet those candidates, we’re here to help.

You provide the candidate, we provide the SEO expert to interview them.

We charge a flat fee of $500 per candidate. This includes:

  • Review of the candidate’s résumé or LinkedIn profile.
  • A thorough review of your job description; both to familiarize us with the role, and to provide feedback on the requirements (some job descriptions are asking for things they shouldn’t, or missing some things that should be there).
  • A 40-minute screening call of the potential candidate, where we’ll walk them through a series of questions and tests to assess their SEO ability over screen share, so we can see how they think and handle SEO on the fly.
  • A 20-minute follow-up call with the hiring manager to provide a post-screening review of the candidate and our hire/no-hire recommendation.

We’re intimately familiar with the laws around hiring (protected categories), what questions are and aren’t appropriate, and we restrict our questions to things that are directly related to the role and SEO skills, nothing personal. We’re not screening for culture fit, only for SEO skill at the level you need.

You can book and pay for a screening at the link below. We ask that you provide a link to the job description, the candidate’s name and LinkedIn profile, and then provide the candidate with the scheduled conference info. Make sure they are prepared for a video call and screen sharing as part of the interview.

The hiring manager is welcome to sit in on the screening, which will be done via Zoom.

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Want the DIY version? Here’s our process: