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Sam McRobertsMy name is Sam McRoberts, and VUDU Marketing is my company. I’ve been involved with web design and Internet marketing since 1999, and I’ve managed SEO projects for over 400 companies ranging from small local businesses to Fortune 500 companies, such as:

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How we work:

For the most part, we focus on one-off SEO projects; SEO audits, SEO strategies, and limited consulting engagements…that said, we occasionally take on ongoing SEO clients if we feel the fit and opportunity are overwhelmingly a match. When we do elect to take on an ongoing SEO client, here’s how we roll:

First and foremost, we are goal oriented. We believe that all marketing work should have a clear impact on the revenue funnel, and we begin every engagement by working to understand your business model, your industry, your goals, and your resources.

Second, we focus on high-leverage activities. It’s easy to get lost in the minutiae, and to miss the forest for the trees. We look at the full range of possibilities, and focus on the tactics that deliver the biggest ROI. We’ll tell you clearly if there are activities we believe are wasting your money.

Third, we put a lot of emphasis on being nimble. Because we work by assembling digital “A-Teams” composed of trusted contractors on an as-needed basis, we can rapidly expand and contract our team to suit each client’s needs and budget. This also allows us to operate remotely and with minimal overhead, which gets you vastly more bang for your buck (not to mention access to experts who are usually outside the reach of most agencies).

Who we work well with:

Our clients usually come in one of two flavors:

  • Agencies who need white-label work (we do a TON of white-label work for a variety of agencies)
  • Medium-to-large businesses, well funded startups, or successful bloggers/influencers

We’re not cheap, and most of our work is one-off and requires the client to have sufficient internal resources to act on our recommendations, which greatly limits the types of clients we’re comfortable working with. If you don’t have the internal resources to execute on recommendations, then we simply can’t work with you.

For our full-service SEO/content marketing engagements (which we take on a very limited basis), budgets start at $10,000 per month and can go as high as $50,000 per month, so we’re not a good fit for the typical small business, non-profit, or un-funded startup.

If your budget falls in that range, and you have resources internally available to implement site changes as needed, let’s talk!

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