SEO Services That Don’t Suck (Promise!)

In addition to our world famous audits, strategies, consulting and training, we also offer a variety of one-off SEO services.

Everything is done in-house (no outsourcing to India, Philippines, Estonia, whatevs), and our quality standards are extremely rigorous.

So rigorous that we’ve never had a complaint, never had a request for a refund, and our entire business is built on client referrals.

Everything here is priced per-project; we don’t typically offer hourly rates, as hourly rates create a potential conflict of interest.

We don’t like conflicts of interest, m’kay?

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Available Services:

Micro SEO Audit Video

Our micro SEO audit service involves us looking over one root domain ( of your choice. We'll go through your site and a handful of SEO tools, recording our screen and walking you through what we're seeing and what actionable SEO issues stand out as we record.


  • 10-Minute Video Review
  • Actionable Recommendations
  • Private, high-definition upload
  • Delivered within 48 hours

Website must be in English. You can view a sample micro audit here.

Turnaround time is 2 business days. Once complete, we'll email you a link to the finished video (at the email address you provide during checkout).


Keyword Research – $500 – We create a detailed spreadsheet that identifies both low-hanging fruit (keywords you could rank better for fairly easily), as well as a variety of potential keywords you don’t currently rank for but could and should.

SEO Competitive Analysis – $500 – We analyze your website and 4 of your chosen competitors in terms of links and social signals, and create a spreadsheet showing how you stack up. All else being equal, the site with the strongest external signals wins, so this identifies where you are ahead, where you are behind, and what needs to happen to close the gap.

Page Speed Audit¬†– $500 – We’ll analyze up to 100 pages in terms of page speed, and provide you with a detailed report of every issue found and recommendations on what to fix. Deliverable is a PDF + Spreadsheet.

Site Crawl Report – $500-$2,000 (depends on site size) – For this, we create a detailed analysis of your site with a combination of web crawling tools, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and manual analysis of the data. The finished deliverable is a detailed multi-tabbed spreadsheet that identifies every issue found during crawl and identified by the tools we check. This is done as a part of all of our SEO audits and standalone SEO strategies as well.

On-Page SEO Recommendations – $500/10 pages (10 page minimum; $50 for each additional page) – We’ll research the page, the keywords you want it to rank for, the competitors ranking for those terms, and will craft recommendations for URLs, Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, H1s, Link anchor text, and Image names/ALTs for each page.

SEO Hiring Candidate Screening – $500 per screening – If you’re looking to hire an in-house SEO role, we can help you to vet potential candidates. You provide us with a detailed job description, and connect us with the potential candidate(s), and we’ll conduct a detailed SEO interview over Zoom, as well as SEO-centric reference checking, and provide you with a hire or no-hire decision and reasoning. This exact process has helped hire excellent candidates at numerous companies of all shapes and sizes.

Live SEO Training (Online) – $2,000 for a half-day training seminar (default training decks; a custom deck = a custom price). We can address any facet of SEO you’d like, and can look at your website and business challenges as we do so. Up to 100 attendees, conducted over Zoom. Can be conducted in any 4 hour block between 8am and 2pm EST only.

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