SEO Services That Don’t Suck (Promise!)

In addition to our one-off audits, strategies, consulting and training, we also offer a variety of ongoing and ad hoc SEO services.

Everything is managed internally, according to the latest SEO best practices, and our quality standards are extremely rigorous.

So rigorous that we’ve never had a complaint, never had a request for a refund, and our entire business is built on client referrals and agency white-label engagements.

Everything here is priced per-project or per-engagement; we don’t offer hourly rates, as hourly rates create a potential conflict of interest.

We don’t like conflicts of interest, m’kay?

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Ongoing SEO Services:

If you’re looking for ongoing SEO fulfillment services, we’ve got you covered. Our retainer-based engagements come in 3 flavors:

Done By You – We provide the SEO expertise, pass along recommendations to your team, and your team executes on the recommendations we provide. If you have a great team and the resources to implement recommendations, but just need someone to steer the SEO ship, this is the tier for you. Starts at $2,500/mo. (Could be higher in Month 1 for larger, more complex sites.)

Done With You – We provide the SEO expertise, create and oversee an ongoing SEO roadmap of tasks, and work with your team to implement the recommendations. This could include writing out on-page optimizations, content briefs, existing content analysis and optimization, keyword research, competitive analysis, and much more. If you lack SEO expertise internally, and your internal resources are available but limited, this is the tier to you. Starts at $5,000/mo.

Done For You – This is the full enchilada, and we’ll take on everything except web development work. At this tier we can do some mix of the following: optimize content, write new content, build links, make site changes, create sitemaps, edit analytics, and more. If you need SEO expertise but lack the resources internally to execute, this is the tier for you. Starts at $7,500/mo.

Each option includes the following:

  • Month 1 – Initial on-page and technical SEO audit, keyword and competitive research, page speed and link audits.
  • Month 2+ – SEO consulting (specifics tailored to your needs and business goals), monitoring for SEO issues (technical, on-page, content, link-related), monthly reporting, and a monthly reporting review/strategy call.

The Done With You and Done For You tiers are highly customized based on your needs, and in addition to the above could include:

  • SEO Strategy & Roadmap (always included at these tiers)
  • Guidance on new pages to create, including specific recommendations for on-page SEO elements, page structure, Schema markup, etc.
  • Editing of existing content to improve the SEO-ability
  • Content pruning
  • Internal link changes
  • Technical SEO fixes (redirects, page speed, etc.)
  • Schema markup recommendations
  • UX, UI, and Conversion recommendations
  • Content writing
  • Link Building (White Hat, outreach-based link building)

We’ll work with you to put together a customized package that can help you achieve you goals, on-time and on-budget. Every site and business are different, and unlike most agencies we don’t do cookie cutter bullshit here.

What does our SEO approach look like?

First and foremost, we are goal oriented. We believe that all marketing work should have a clear impact on the revenue funnel, and we begin every engagement by working to understand your business model, your industry, your goals, and your resources.

Second, we focus on high-leverage activities, the 80/20 tasks that really move the needle. It’s easy to get lost in the minutiae, and to miss the forest for the trees. We look at the full range of possibilities, and focus on the tactics that deliver the biggest ROI. We’ll tell you clearly if there are activities we believe are wasting your money.

Third, we put a lot of emphasis on being nimble. Because we work by assembling digital “A-Teams” on an as-needed basis, we can rapidly expand and contract our team to suit each client’s needs and budget. This also allows us to operate remotely and with minimal overhead, which gets you vastly more bang for your buck (not to mention access to experts who are usually outside the reach of most agencies).

SEO is a long-term game, and we believe in playing long-term games with long-term people, so all ongoing SEO services require a 12-month contract.

Ad Hoc SEO Services:

In-Depth SEO Audit – $3,000-$12,000+ depending on site size/complexity – Includes analysis of Technical, On-Page/Content, and Links.

Lite SEO Audit – $500 – Includes analysis of one domain, a 30-minute Loom video outlining issues found and recommendations, and a 30-minute follow-up consulting call to answer any questions you have.

Full SEO Strategy – $3,000 if done with an audit, or $6,000 standalone.

Keyword Research – $1,000 – We create a detailed spreadsheet that identifies both low-hanging fruit (keywords you could rank better for fairly easily), as well as a variety of potential keywords you don’t currently rank for but could and should go after.

SEO Competitive Analysis – $1,000 – We analyze your website and 4 of your chosen competitors in terms of rankings, content, links and social signals, and create a spreadsheet showing how you stack up. All else being equal, the site with the strongest external signals wins, so this identifies where you are ahead, where you are behind, and what needs to happen to close the gap.

Page Speed Audit – $500 – We’ll analyze up to 500 pages in terms of page speed, and provide you with a detailed report of the issues found and recommendations on what to fix. Deliverable is a Google Sheet + Google Doc.

Site Crawl Report – $1,000-$4,000 (depends on site size) – For this, we create a detailed analysis of your site with a combination of web crawling tools, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, PageSpeed API, Moz API, and manual analysis of the data. The finished deliverable is a detailed multi-tabbed spreadsheet that identifies every issue found during crawl and identified by the tools we check. This is done as a part of all of our SEO audits and standalone SEO strategies as well.

Link Building – DA 30-59 links – $400 each; DA 60+ links $1,000-$5,000 each (varies depending on the site and difficulty of acquiring). Outreach-based, white hat.

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