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Do You Need An Audit?

We strongly recommend an audit if:

  • You've used an SEO company in the past, and want to know if what they did was good or bad. Are you ripe for penalization?
  • You're using an SEO company now, and want to know if they're doing what they should be doing. Have they missed anything?
  • You have an in-house SEO team, and you want to make sure they're following best practices (white hat only, nothing shady).
  • You've been hit by a Google penalty, and you don't know why or what to fix.
  • You're looking to buy or sell a company and want an analysis of it's online presence before you pull the trigger..

    What Does an Audit Include?

    • What Makes Our Audits Unique?

      • All of our audits are actionable. You can hand a finished audit to an SEO team, and they'll know exactly what needs to be fixed and how to fix it.
      • We're honest and transparent. We don't offer SEO fulfillment services, so we have no motivation to lie about your SEO to trick you into paying for ongoing SEO work.
      • We spend a TON of time staying up on best practices, so you can be certain that the recommendations you are getting are both accurate and current.
      • We've worked with hundreds of companies and performed dozens of audits, from small local sites to sites with tens of millions of pages. However large or complex your site may be, we can audit it.

        Learn More About Our Audits

      Or a Strategy?

      A strategy is a wise investment if:

      • You're building a new site, online company, or are starting SEO for the first time.
      • You've done SEO in the past with less than stellar results, but are willing to give it another chance.
      • You have an in-house team with enough experience to execute a strategy, but not enough to create one.
      • You think your SEO company is cutting corners, and you want to give them a strategy to execute on.
      • Your SEO team has told you they have a strategy, and you're looking for a second opinion.

        What Does a Strategy Include?

        • What Makes Our Strategies Unique?

          • Our SEO strategies aren't just about rankings. We build strategies that help your business to grow the bottom line through online marketing channels, and we help you to understand where SEO fits in that effort and how it impacts other online marketing efforts (and offline marketing efforts as well, which can work surprisingly well when synced with SEO efforts).
          • We spend a TON of time staying up on best practices, so you can be certain that the strategies you are getting are both accurate and current. Seriously, we eat, sleep and breathe this stuff!
          • We've worked with hundreds of companies and created dozens of strategies, from small local sites to sites with tens of millions of pages. However large or complex your site may be, we can build you a strategy that matches your audience and makes the most of the resources you have available.

            Learn More About Our Strategies

          What don't we do?

          Unlike some agencies, we are very specifically not jacks of all trades. Here are a few services we do not offer:

          • Link Building
          • Content Writing
          • Specific page-by-page on-site SEO recommendations

          We do SEO audits and SEO strategies better than anyone else, period, so that's what we're sticking to.

          Still not conviced?

          If your company relies on organic traffic as a key revenue stream, then the odds are good that you've done (or are currently doing) SEO...but are you doing SEO the right way? From what we've seen, the majority of companies engaging in SEO are going about it the wrong way, and the odds are good that your SEO team or SEO agency are engaging in tactics that could get your company penalized by Google, if not completely removed from their search results. We've seen multi-million dollar companies fold because of bad SEO. Are you willing to take that risk?

          We hope not. To that end, we specialize in offering just two core services, SEO Audits and SEO Strategies.

          Our SEO audits are designed to help you understand what has and hasn't been done to your site from an SEO perspective, what's right, what's wrong, and exactly what you need to fix and in what order to get your site into tip top SEO shape. If you want to know what your SEO team has been doing, and if they've been doing things the right way or the wrong way, then you need an audit.

          A strategy, on the other hand, is meant to help you plan out your future, and to outline what you should do going forward and how best to integrate SEO with your other marketing initiatives, online and off. Sadly, very few SEO companies put together a strategy before starting work for their clients, preferring the ready-fire-aim approach to SEO. If you're comfortable pulling the trigger before you know what you're aiming at, then by all means, keep doing what you're doing. If, on the other hand, you'd prefer to know exactly why and how you should be doing SEO, and what the bottom-line impact will be, then starting with an SEO strategy would be the right approach.

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