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SEO Strategy

SEO is Complex. So Are Our Strategies.

What makes our strategies so awesome? The fact that we take far more than just SEO into account. Sure, we look at all the key search engine optimization elements, but there are a great many elements of online marketing above and beyond traditional SEO that impact your organic rankings. Your social presence and activity level matter. What type of paid advertising and where you advertise matters. In fact, even your choice of language in traditional offline advertising such as billboards or TV commercials can have an impact on your organic rankings.

When we assemble a strategy we look at your business as whole, and both your short and long-term goals to craft an approach that integrates perfectly with and even enhances all of your other marketing initiatives. Your team, be they in-house or at an agency, will have an exceptional road map to follow going forward.

An SEO Strategy is typically broken down as follows:

  • On-Site Optimization – We provide detailed recommendations for how to enhance the structure of your site to better serve both search engines and users. This includes on-site SEO elements, usability and conversion optimization recommendations, site architecture, Schema markup, page load speed and more.
  • Content Growth Strategy – In the eyes of search engines and users, awesome content is king. If you aren’t producing share-worthy content of the right type and at the right frequency, you’re missing out. We’ll outline a content approach designed specifically for your industry and business goals.
  • Link Building Outline – We’ll reverse engineer the link profiles of the sites ranking at the top of the SERPs in your specific space, and then compare that data to your link profile. This allows us to tell you not only what you need to do to rank competitively, but how to get far, far ahead of your ranking competitors.
  • Social Media for SEO – We’ll provide you with an outline for your social media efforts, with SEO benefits in mind. We’ll tell you which platforms are right for your space, what type of content and messages should be used on each, and much more.

Strategy Deliverables Include:

  • SEO Strategy Document – The finished strategy is delivered as an enhanced PDF. In addition to the strategy itself, it also includes links out to a wide variety of resources to aid in the implementation of our recommended changes.
  • Keyword Research Document – We take great pride in our keyword research documents. We do a ton of research to identify keywords that we believe will drive real value to the bottom line. To do this we use a proprietary tool to estimate the value of various keywords based on ranking position and search engine.
  • On-Site SEO Guide – This guide will aid your team in implementing your new strategy, and is extremely detailed.
  • Social Media Cheat Sheet – This two-page document outlines the best practices and tips across dozens of social platform. This will serve as a handy reference to your social team when implementing your new strategy.


  • $5,000 – Standalone
  • $2,500 – If done with an SEO audit 

We’re confident that a search engine optimization strategy from us will provide you with a crystal clear road map to guide your business’s online marketing efforts for years to come.

Last But Not Least:

All strategies also include up to 2 hours of review and consulting time via phone, Skype, Google Hangout, etc.

For all of our audit and strategy services we require payment upfront before we begin work. Due to numerous problems with checks in the past, we now only accept payments via PayPal (credit card, debit card, E-Checks and bank transfer.)

The strategy we assemble and the accompanying documents are held in the strictest confidence. Also, keep in mind that a strategy is going to be different based on your company, industry and audience…no two are the same, and we do not create our strategies from templates, they are entirely one-off. That said, here is a rough idea of what a strategy could look like: Sample Digital Strategy.

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