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In the world of online marketing, there are a lot of decisions to be made; where to spend limited resources, what keywords to target, whether or not to use social media, and on and on and on. Unfortunately, in our experience, far too many people shoot from the hip on important decisions, and that is both ill advised and totally unnecessary. Why? Because there are so many phenomenal resources available to help you collect and analyze valuable business data. This is our review of some of the best SEO data monitoring/collecting software on the market: Advanced Web Ranking and Advanced Link Manager.

Advanced Web Ranking, or AWR as we call it, is a wicked cool SEO ranking tool. Search Engine Optimization, as the name implies, is primarily about optimizing a website to rank better on various search engines. The question is, how do you know if you are really ranking better? Searches from different machines in different cities and states, people being logged into Google, personalized results on and off…all of these things can interfere with the results you get from your average rank checking software. AWR eliminates these problems.

AWR is incredibly advanced, and gives you a solid platform from which to organize and monitor rankings.  One of the many awesome features is what they call Proxy per Project, and it allows you to select a server in whatever part of the world your client happens to be in from which to pull the ranking data, so the data in AWR will match what they would see if they searched for their keyword.

AWR seo software monitors rankings over time, showing up, down and neutral movement across up to 1,000 different search engines. It can assist with keyword research and help you to spot low hanging keyword fruit, ranking penalties, and keywords that are being SEO targeted by other companies. Almost like having your very own search engine spy feeding you data as often as you want/need it. It also has a search engine submission feature, though any SEO worth their salt knows that’s totally unnecessary at this point.

One problem with many rank checking software solutions is triggering Google spam flags for automated queries. AWR gets around this in multiple ways. One, it can spread the queries out amongst numerous servers, this distributing the server load.  Also, AWR functions in such a way as to mimic human search patterns, this avoiding triggering an automated query flag. This feature alone makes it worth the price!

Another awesome feature is their integrated keyword research tool. You can import a keyword list, and then automatically check for data such as competing pages, search volume, custom query parameters and more.

You can import keyword lists, export and upload custom reports, schedule automated report creating, manage many projects at once, allows you to monitor local search results, and the list of awesome features goes on and one. Seriously, this tool is phenomenal, and highly recommended. You can view a detailed list of Advanced Web Ranking features here. Finally, here is software that provides you with valuable, actionable data with which to make intelligent decisions. With prices starting at just $99, you can’t afford not to use it.

Advanced Link Manager, or ALM for short, is one of if not the most useful link building and monitoring tool on the market. To put it simply, it monitors a domain or domains for links, both inbound and outbound. Think of it as a link manager. It can look for and track all types of links, from one-way external links to reciprocal links. It shows the PageRank and link popularity of the link, checks domains and pages for SEO quality, and aggregates all that data into one simple dashboard.

With ALM you can monitor your competitors to do reverse link engineering, or monitor your site to see when link building efforts have paid off. If you are paying an SEO company to do link building for you, you could even use ALM to monitor to see if they are actually building the links they claim to be building, or if they are simply wasting your money. Finally, here is software that makes link building accountability a reality.

One really neat feature of ALM is the ability to quickly check your own pages (or a competitor’s) for on-page SEO elements, with suggestions for improvement. The combination of excellent on-site SEO and relevant, high quality link building is a surefire recipe for success, and ALM makes it easier than ever.

Another super useful feature is the ability to pull in Google Local results. It will show you the sites and details for the companies showing up in the local map listings. It also gives you the ability to search for topically relevant potential link or citation partners, to make effective link acquisition that much easier. Even better, it makes reporting to the boss or client so simple! You can schedule reports in whatever format you choose, and then have them automatically emailed or uploaded to a website, at whatever interval you choose…daily, weekly, monthly, you name it.

ALM will monitor for link growth and attrition over time, show you the quality of the link, whether or not it is a followed link, what the anchor text of that link is, and so much more. If you own a website and are engaged in a link building campaign, then you need this software. If you are an SEO company offering link building, then you need this software so much it isn’t funny…seriously, we’d be lost without it 🙂

As with AWR, prices for ALM start at just $99, and it is a killer deal for what you get. Best of all, they offer a free, full functioning trial of both, so you can test it out for 30 days and see if it really is right for your company. Visit or for more information.

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